Medium of defi for the range of services, healthy ecosystem, with the community, for the community.

About Us

ModiCoin stands for "Medium of Defi in Centre of Incorruptible Network" which has a clear vision towards the growth of community. We are dedicated to establish a sound economic token model. ModiCoin's mission is to create an ecosystem of high-quality tech products that will not only bring revolution but also simplify the way people adapt and trading of digital assets. ModiCoin will bring a new era of technology which will bring an evolution to the crypto industry with more efficiency & flexibility.


Modicoin Roadmap


- Website development

- White paper

- Social Media

- Intense marketing campaign

- Smart contract audit

- Press Release

- Private sale

- PancakeSwap listing


- Worldwide marketing on bigger platforms

- Integration of ModiCoin token on Marketplace

- Inauguration of ModiCoin Foundation Orphanage

- Expand Core Team


- Modicoin Block chain

- Promotional Events

- Modicoin Crypto Banking system


Buy tax

  • Modicoin foundation 1%
  • Redistribution 2%
  • Marketing and development 1%
  • Liquidity 2%
  • Burn 2%

Sell tax

  • Modicoin foundation: 2%
  • Redistribution 2%
  • Marketing and development 1%
  • Liquidity 2%
  • Burn 2%
  • 0xadf3d8579360d6a0c0dc7954991724fa3a1ed009 (Marketing & Development Wallet)
  • 0x32419707e0cde2476de7ca0a6db60656620626a4 (Modicoin Foundation Wallet)
  • 0xd89b1345821851ff9a8a36ab45cc40e0c1111c0a (Rewards & Airdrops)
  • 0x1d57133f32404f7816569fcf8687572aaa0651b5 (Liquidity Deployer Wallet)
  • 0xf1d9a389be44b75eeb2f99ef49787588644e5527 (Liquidity Deployer Wallet)

ModiCoin Foundation

In Phase 2 of ModiCoin, it will be a beginning of ModiCoin Foundation which will be a non-profit organisation and ray of hope for orphan children. ModiCoin Foundation will inaugurate its own orphanage set up to help those kids who have lost their parents for some reason.

Mission of ModiCoin Foundation:


ModiCoin Foundation will do its best possible efforts and ensure to provide best nutrition food, education and sports facilities for the development of kids where they feel safe and healthy.

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