Beware of scams

Beware of scams

Scam is a most common practice these days. A scam is a sneaky or dishonest plan that’s meant to con someone in the shape of fraudulent business, double up your money, using the same logos and similar names of other companies ,very identical urls, run a script on yours devices such as phones, computers or tablets to hack and take control of your things as your bank accounts, wallets or emails etc.

Types of scams

Fake messages:
 This is one of the most common practices these days to send you a fake text on your phone or via email  regarding courier delivery, fake refunds, raffle prizes or govt. refunds,texts regarding your bank account which has a link to run a script on your device and send malware to it to take control of your device. Scammers use all kinds of sneaky approaches to take all your information to use your credit card, stealing  your wallets including any crypto assets or buying anything using your details.

Dating and romance

Millions of people turn to online dating apps or websites to meet someone as their loving partner. But they end up being fooled through a scam, trying to trick them into sending money in different ways such as bank transfers, cryptocurrency etc.


You can be blackmailed for the activities recorded in your devices which you won’t like others to know and things are compromised in exchange for Crypto transfers .Threats can be given that by not doing so ,you will be exposed  across social channels or your contacts and emails which have been stolen.

Raffle Prizes

Scams are everywhere and social media is no exception. Offering holidays, cars, high end luxury goods are very common.offering huge prizes is one of the easiest Tax department, Immigration and Border protection, Banks, Social security administration, Federal police etc.sometimes they trick you to issue arrest warrants for your unpaid fines, taxes or any other liabilities which doesn’t even exist. Best way is to hang up and find details of that relevant agency and ask them directly by giving them a phone call.

Scam Coins

Anyone can scam you via offering you double up your coins or money by sending private messages, Scammers may create coins with the same name or fake websites, logos, social channels with the same number of followers. Best way is to look for an original website URL of the company which can direct you to their social channels.