Dates Revealed | The ModiCoin Private Sale Round Goes Live Soon

Dates Revealed | The ModiCoin Private Sale Round Goes Live Soon

Dates Revealed | The ModiCoin Private Sale Round Goes Live Soon

We are thrilled to announce, after several rounds of development and iterations, ModiCoin has reached its market launch status. And, we are beginning with our Private Sale Round on the 6th of February, 3:30 AM (Universal Standard Time). Before shelling out all the relevant details regarding how you can participate in this round, we would like to take you through the foundational aspects of our platform so that you have a clear idea about ModiCoin and how it promises to add tremendous value to the blockchain and crypto space.

ModiCoin - Revolutionizing the New Age Crypto Industry

Modi – “Medium of Defi in Centre of Incorruptible Network” is a community-driven technology ecosystem that aims to revolutionize the way people adapt, trade, and invest digital assets. It is also a Defi initiative that promises to provide a secure environment for token enthusiasts. Our key differentiator is the high scalability power enabled by lightning-quick cross-border transactions for a wide array of use cases while maintaining top-notch security standards.

Our platform is powered by its native token named ModiCoin which is based on the Binance Smart Chain and adheres to the BEP20 standard. This token fuels our entire ecosystem and users can utilize this to access various products and services within and beyond our platform. ModiCoin is a highly differentiated digital asset developed around a robust economic model.

It is important to note that the ModiCoin ecosystem has several applications where it can be implemented, but there are a few common features that define why one should choose our platform to manage and invest their digital assets. These include – Highly decentralized model, a Deflationary token mechanism, an Anti-whale system, an Anti-dumping system, Auditability, and Scalability. We will explain all of these and more in dedicated blog posts.

All in all, ModiCoin is an end to end crypto-based financial solution that has harnessed the power of blockchain and is ready to optimize the way people and institutions deal with digital assets.

ModiCoin Private Sale Details

Date: 5th and 6th February 2022


6th February 2022

03.30 Am (Universal Standard Time)
09.00 Am (Indian Standard Time)
02.30 Pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
04.30 Pm (New Zealand Daylight Time)

5th February 2022

08.30 Pm (New York, US, EST)
08.30 Pm (Toronto, CA)

How to Participate in the ModiCoin Private Sale?

download the binance app and prepare your bnb

Step 1: Download the Binance App through Playstore/Appstore and keep your BNBs ready.

Step 2: Once the app is installed, one must register themselves and get their IDs verified on the Binance App. This is a mandatory step, without which one will not be able to access the private sale. However, the verification process on the Binance app is seamless and quick.

how to set a pin in bnb pay

Step 3: Download the Trust Wallet through Play Store/Appstore. The MDN Tokens will be sent to your Trust Wallet via Unicrypt. Simultaneously the tokens will go under a vesting period of 10 months.

download trust wallet app

Step 4: Once you send the BNBs via Binance Pay App with an intention to participate in the sale, you will receive an acknowledgement email and the tokens will be safely locked with Unicrypt for 10 months.

Step 5: You shall receive your locker details via email within the 2-3 weeks of the private sale. This locker will only be accessible through the wallet address you provide during your account registration at ModiCoin Private sale.

We have taken all necessary measures to ensure the stability and proper distribution of the tokens for the safety of investors, and we hope you have a wonderful experience throughout the process and beyond.

Please note: Binance Pay and Unicrypt are both highly safe and secure platforms and your investments are 100% safe. However, we request you to kindly go through all our propositions and offerings, so that you can make an informed decision. We invite you to participate in the ModiCoin Private Sale Round and be a part of our vision. Not only will you be an integral part of the commercial aspect of our business, participating and investing in ModiCoin will also give you an opportunity to get involved with several social well being related projects that we plan to take up in the near future.

In the meanwhile, join ModiCoin’s telegram channel and be regularly updated about the progress and development of all aspects related to our project.

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