How To Buy Cryptocurrency Tokens?

How To Buy Cryptocurrency Tokens?

How To Buy Cryptocurrency Tokens?

Cryptocurrency is a phenomenon of virtual currency built over BlockChain Technology, which ensures encryption and security of the transaction. It makes counterfeiting nearly impossible. What differentiates cryptocurrency from the normal currency is the fact that cryptocurrency is not issued by any federal authority and is completely digital.

Why to buy Crypto Tokens?

The Crypto Industry has significantly developed in the last few years and has surpassed major milestones. The market size of this industry was valued at $1.49 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $4.94 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 12.8% from 2021 to 2030.

Yet, the peculiar nature of Cryptocurrency tokens may arise doubts and queries to some extent. It can be a topsy-turvy road in the beginning. But as the learning unfolds, one can witness the vast dimensions crypto has to offer.

Nonetheless, the opportunities created by the world of Crypto are very vast and put forth an unimaginable magnitude of its power. With the pace of the changing environment, one must acknowledge its strength and understand the investing techniques in order to stand equally with the transition.

Steps to Buy Crypto Tokens

Here are a few steps that will guide you through your investment journey in Crypto Tokens:

1. Choosing a Crypto Exchange:

Type Cryptocurrency Exchange 
Nature  It is a platform where buyers and sellers meet to trade respective cryptocurrencies. 
Interface  They tend to have high complexities like multiple trade types and advanced performance charts. 

It is vital to invest your money wisely. By studying the intricacies, complexities and terms of Cryptocurrency exchanges only, one should make an informed decision. The flexibility may vary to a significant extent, depending upon the terms and conditions, and the nature of your  investment. One must also put under deep considerations the notions of security and encryption of the transactions.

2. Create and Verify your account:

Once you finalise on which platform or via which broker you want to deal in the crypto market, you must enable yourself to create an account. It may require signing a few terms and also putting forth a few documents which leads to the verification of your identity.

This step is quintessential as it helps to prevent fraudulent transactions and also introduces transparency in the system. In order to track down a specific transaction, verification and authentication of a profile stands to be of utmost priority.

One may not be able to trade in the currency market unless you are the owner of a verified account. The process of verification takes a little time to complete.

3. Deposit Cash to Invest:

To invest in any cryptocurrency, you will have to deposit the required and desired amount of cash via your bank account into the crypto wallet or the specific account of the exchange maintained in your name.

An authorized wire transfer is easier and swifter, or debit or credit card shall also work perfectly fine for the purpose of depositing initial money into the respective account or wallet. The utility of your account shall be available within a few days from the transfer, the speed depending upon the broker or the exchange.

We would also like to suggest that investing in cryptocurrency by depositing the desired amount from your credit is bound to a higher fee and rates of interest. Hence, it is considered best to use your own funds rather than investing borrowed funds into the crypto market, adding to the nature of the tradeplace.

4. Place your Cryptocurrency Order:

Once verified and allowed, you are free to use your money as you would like. Ascertaining a right investment portfolio is highly advisable. Before jumping the bandwagon, we suggest researching the prospects of various coins that you desire to invest.

Make sure you do not invest in opinions but on facts and figures. There are hundreds of currencies ranging from Bitcoin, Ethereum and ModiCoin. They enable you to understand the uncertainties of the market. Some currencies can be of stable nature while others may fluctuate every minute.

You choose the specific quantity or the amount you would like to buy and invest respectively. Fractions are highly accepted and widely exchanged. Investing in a fraction puts you in a position where you own a silver of the high-priced tokens. This nature of the Crypto market is very user-friendly, therefore affordable and accessible to a larger proportion of the market. Make sure you don’t buy any token launched to befool the investors. ModiCoin is the crypto token bringing revolution in the industry and creating a reliable platform for investors to trade.

5. Select a storage method:

As well known, cryptocurrencies are not backed by legal enforcements and government departments majorly like the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Hence, here arises the risk factor involving obscenity of hacking or theft.

That is why, it becomes essential to curate a safe storage space for your currency before the onslaught. It is considered exceptionally effective if you leave the crypto on exchange. But if you feel insecure with the provider, you may want to shift it to hot wallets or cold wallets.

Hot Wallets assist you in storing your crypto investment on the internet itself whereas cold wallets allow you to save your investments in a hard-drive like a USB. Hot Wallets are vulnerable because they are consistently exposed to the internet. You must also be extremely careful with the cold wallets because once you lose the keycode associated with the hard-drive, you lose all your investments.


As provided, cryptocurrencies facilitate you to witness the uncertain and unfathomable dimension of the technological world operating beyond the imaginations of a layman. Investing in cryptocurrency is effective and also profitable, if prudently undertaken. We are enveloped by a dynamic environment where risk is the ultimatum of profit. To an opportunist and rational thinker, crypto is a splendid area of investment.

ModiCoin is the crypto token bringing a revolution in the crypto industry and creating a safe and reliable environment for investors.

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