How to Participate in ModiCoin Private Sale? (An Explained Procedure)

How to Participate in ModiCoin Private Sale? (An Explained Procedure)

How to Participate in ModiCoin Private Sale? (An Explained Procedure)

Cryptocurrency has unfolded unbelievable opportunities for technology enthusiasts. While investing in Cryptocurrency, one must pay utmost attention to the authenticity of crypto tokens. Use multiple sources to verify the credibility of the token and then take a final decision. 

It is recommended to invest in reputed coins like ModiCoin; elsewhere, it would be risky. Before investing, thoroughly go through the whitepaper of the coin. You would also like to keep yourself updated with the latest news, circulars and updates regarding that token. 

While ModiCoin is one of the most trusted coins of the decade, it also assists you in channelizing your savings towards an advantageous asset. You may never regret investing in a stable cryptocurrency like ModiCoin. 

Additionally, the coin comes with certain limitations, making the crypto market for this specific token model stable and secure. A stable atmosphere assures value to the stakeholders and supports maintaining a very healthy reputation. 

Following is the procedure to ascertain your participation in one of the most significant private sales of the decade:

Step 1. Download the Binance App and Trust-Wallet

“Binance” and “TrustWallet”. Both of them are available on Google PlayStore and Apple Store. You have to install both the apps since a customer will be trading and investing via Binance, and they would receive their tokens in TrustWallet.

Binance is the largest crypto platform specializing in dealing and investing in more than 300 reputed and authentic coins. Trusted by millions of users worldwide, Binance is known for its accountability and lowest fees in crypto. The Binance also helps you stay afloat and forefront for all new coin launches.

“At Binance, security is our highest priority when it comes to safeguarding your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Your funds are protected by our Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU Funds), which means we have your back,” says Binance itself. 

TrustWallet, on the other hand, is a very secure wallet to receive your crypto coins. It provides a highly safe auditing system that makes storing your Cryptocurrency an easy and comfortable task.

Step 2. Registration and Verification

Once you install, register yourself with the above platforms and get your ID certified. Without verification of your identity and submission of certain documents like PAN Card and AADHAR Card, you would not be able to participate in the largest private sales of the decade. Ascertain that you submit all the documents within the prescribed time frame.

Step 3. Set Your Binance PIN

To avoid any last minute hassles, we recommend you to set your 6-digit pin prior to the sale. A video dedicated to how to set the PIN shall be uploaded on our official platforms.

Step 4. Using Binance

You will be required to make a BnB purchase via the Binance Payment Method. An Acknowledgement slip shall be mailed to you within a few business days.

Receiving coins in TrustWallet

You will be provided with an MDN token address available on our website and the whitepaper. You can use the address to search for  ModiCoin token and receive it in your Token Wallet once your payment has been confirmed.

Step 5. Token Vesting

Once you acquire the coins, there is a limitation that restricts your right to sell the coins for a strategically developed amount of time. The term ‘Token Vesting’ is popularly known because of the boundaries it develops on the sale of crypto tokens initially. 

ModiCoin’s team has adopted a linear normal vesting method that locks your token for ten months. Every month, 10% of the token is unlocked. The percentage unlocked is totally on your discretionary power. You can either retain it or sell it. 

In simpler words, Under token vesting, crypto tokens are locked for a specific time. Your crypto tokens will be locked with a Unicrypt locker for 10 months. Every month 10% of the cryptocurrency will be unlocked.

Step 6. Locker Details

The locker details shall be provided to you within 2-3 weeks from the end of private sale. You will receive a follow up regarding the same. Your locker will be accessible to you via the same wallet address that you provided when you were registering yourself.  

Watch video dedicated to the above procedure. It will help you understand the process in an easy and quick manner.

Our Unique Approach

TrustWallets are safe and secure wallets to retain your cryptocurrencies. The pathway has been laid in order to maintain the utmost integrity and assist the stakeholders and the customers with sheer flawlessness. 

Token Vesting combined with the procedural method introduced by the team of ModiCoin prevents all kinds of fraudulent activities. They are well-guarded and can not be manipulated in any way. 

Introduction of Token Vesting ensures stability and value to the investors. The healthy combination of Binance and TrustWallet ensure a remedy towards the ‘Whale System’.


ModiCoin, since its birth, promises to assure a valuable and reliable atmosphere and our team is dedicated to providing the stakeholders with the same. Our cautiously developed strategies and critically calculated approach make our token model ‘a top-notch’ economic currency. The coin works on an excellent mechanism, given the features and the special highlights. Our marketing approach is unique and self-developed, protecting our clientele.

It is our sheer determination and dedication to the struggle of building a better and safer environment brimming with high-quality tech that has helped us curate an ideal economic token currency, “ModiCoin”.

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