Why Should You Invest in the ModiCoin Private Sale?

Why Should You Invest in the ModiCoin Private Sale?

Why Should You Invest in the ModiCoin Private Sale?

ModiCoin, a blockchain and crypto-focussed tech ecosystem has recently announced its Private Sale round to be held on Binance on the 5th and 6th of February 2022. Before delving into the details of the private sale, let us have a brief look at the fundamental aspects of ModiCoin.

Reasons to Invest in the ModiCoin Private Sale

The ModiCoin Private Sale will happen through and largely be supported by Binance Pay and Unicrypt. Both of these third party platforms are highly trusted and established, thus offering you a 100% secure investment opportunity. Hence, if you are convinced by the propositions that ModiCoin has to offer, the security of your funds is not a matter of concern since ModiCoin is based on the most trusted platforms to execute this private sale round.

ModiCoin offers the benefits of locked liquidity, which allows you to enhance the potential return on your investment while giving you financial freedom through immediate access*.

ModiCoin is a decentralized deflationary coin. This essentially means that the token value is inherently programmed to grow over a certain period of time as compared to other non/slow-deflationary assets including those from the traditional finance ecosystem.

ModiCoin has incorporated an anti-whale system to ensure that some powerful token holders are not able to lower the value of the token by purchasing in enormous capacities. To avoid this, ModiCoin will be distributed equally among the interested participants across all the sale rounds with an objective to prevent whales from manipulating the prices.

ModiCoin implements a robust anti-dumping system to ensure that fraudulent entities deceive the price of assets on the platform by spreading falsehood. This prevents high volatility, thus offering more stability to the token holders.

ModiCoin has an auto-burn mechanism that ensures that there is always a diminishing and limited supply of tokens, thus ensuring that the value of ModiCoin hovers around a stable range.

ModiCoin has incorporated an automated liquidity pool which maintains enough liquidity while creating a price floor, thus ensuring that the value of the tokens are protected during sell offs.

ModiCoin also allocates 2% of each transaction to all the existing shareholders to maintain a healthy circulation of assets within the ecosystem. 

People who wish to participate in the Private Sale may download the Binance App and follow the instructions as communicated by the ModiCoin Team.

Ending Note

All the above-mentioned reasons are potent enough to make ModiCoin a very investable asset during its existing Private sale and even for further rounds. However, the project has several upcoming plans including but not limited to – a payment integrations system, the ModiCoin Blockchain and even the ModiCoin Foundation which aims to use technology for social wellness.

All in all, ModiCoin offers a holistic investment opportunity for institutional as well as non-institutional investors who might be interested in being a part of a potential revolution in the world of crypto and blockchain.

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